Double Feature: Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner & How To Hire The Right One!

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Let’s get down to business; the planning process has begun for most of the ‘recently engaged’ and as the to-do list grows, it can get overwhelming. How can I possibly make all of these decisions? How do I know which services I can trust? Sound familiar?

Recently on our Instagram, we took a step back and reintroduced ourselves. It seems only fitting to merge our “reintroduction” with another reintroduction, of sorts: why you should hire a wedding planner & tips for hiring the right wedding planner.

If Marie Kondo has taught us anything, it’s her idea of things ‘sparking joy.’ Does the planning process spark joy for you? It does for us! We’ve made it our mission to be a friend who will guide you through this exciting time with our 15 years’ of combined expertise, so that the planning process is just as enjoyable as the big day itself!

Let’s break it down! Here are 3 major reasons why you should hire a wedding planner:

  1. Time

Bottom line: it’s your bottom line that you should invest in! Time is currency too. Depending on your wedding day must-haves, tracking down those vendors can be time consuming. Experienced wedding planners know which vendors to trust and how their services will fit into your budget. Plus, some planners will act as a point-of-contact on your behalf- allowing them to book those services for you.

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2.  Vision

While some vendors will take care of multiple clients in one day, a wedding planner’s focus is on you. They will push to make sure everything is how you envisioned. “It’s a long journey to the altar and on the day-of [you want] someone who knows what’s in your brain and knows that you want an outdoor ceremony even if it looks like rain, and will fight for that until the very last minute. Or if it does rain, will go out and dry those chairs!” -Susan Cordogan (Big City Bride)

3.  Stress & The Lack Thereof!

Being the liaison between vendors, wedding planners not only shield you from stress- they ensure your vendors can easily perform their roles. You’re busy on your wedding day! You shouldn’t risk missing out on your ‘getting ready photos’ to go handle last minute details or hiccups. Most wedding planners have built-in relationships with their fellow vendors therefore, they know how they operate and can speak the lingo. In addition, weddings tend to come with a lot of moving parts- which your wedding planner will coordinate!

Aside from your photographer, your wedding planner is up close & personal with you and your wedding vision. Here’s how to choose the right one:

  1. Know what kind of planner you need

The most efficient way to decide what kind of planner you need is to check out their services and packages. Maybe you’re skilled in the art of organization like Marie Kondo and just want a helping hand on the day-of. Or, maybe you cringe at the thought of coordinating napkins & charger plates. There’s a wedding planner & a package that’s just right for you!

2.  Reviews & Past Work

See what others are saying! Testimonials and kudos will help to build confidence in your selection. On that note, check our the planner’s portfolio of past work. Who knows, you might find inspiration from one of their previous clients!

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3.  Personality

As we mentioned before- much like your photographer, your wedding planner will be an intricate part of your big day. If personalities clash, it could sour the vendor-client relationship. Break out those Enneagram tests if you need to, or simply get to know one another over coffee. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you feel comfortable and that the planner is genuine in their intent to make your vision a reality.

4. Understand the “fine print”

Services can vary between wedding planners. Be sure to carefully read what the planner’s services are. The planner’s packages should specify what falls under their umbrella, how many hours they’ll work, and more. Knowing these specifics will help you understand the investment you’re making in your wedding planner and ultimately- your bottom line!

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