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Double Feature: Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner & How To Hire The Right One!

Sydonie Mansion | 28 North Photography

Let’s get down to business; the planning process has begun for most of the ‘recently engaged’ and as the to-do list grows, it can get overwhelming. How can I possibly make all of these decisions? How do I know which services I can trust? Sound familiar?

Recently on our Instagram, we took a step back and reintroduced ourselves. It seems only fitting to merge our “reintroduction” with another reintroduction, of sorts: why you should hire a wedding planner & tips for hiring the right wedding planner.

If Marie Kondo has taught us anything, it’s her idea of things ‘sparking joy.’ Does the planning process spark joy for you? It does for us! We’ve made it our mission to be a friend who will guide you through this exciting time with our 15 years’ of combined expertise, so that the planning process is just as enjoyable as the big day itself!

Let’s break it down! Here are 3 major reasons why you should hire a wedding planner:

  1. Time

Bottom line: it’s your bottom line that you should invest in! Time is currency too. Depending on your wedding day must-haves, tracking down those vendors can be time consuming. Experienced wedding planners know which vendors to trust and how their services will fit into your budget. Plus, some planners will act as a point-of-contact on your behalf- allowing them to book those services for you.

Photo by KT Crabb Photography of KEJ Productions

2.  Vision

While some vendors will take care of multiple clients in one day, a wedding planner’s focus is on you. They will push to make sure everything is how you envisioned. “It’s a long journey to the altar and on the day-of [you want] someone who knows what’s in your brain and knows that you want an outdoor ceremony even if it looks like rain, and will fight for that until the very last minute. Or if it does rain, will go out and dry those chairs!” -Susan Cordogan (Big City Bride)

3.  Stress & The Lack Thereof!

Being the liaison between vendors, wedding planners not only shield you from stress- they ensure your vendors can easily perform their roles. You’re busy on your wedding day! You shouldn’t risk missing out on your ‘getting ready photos’ to go handle last minute details or hiccups. Most wedding planners have built-in relationships with their fellow vendors therefore, they know how they operate and can speak the lingo. In addition, weddings tend to come with a lot of moving parts- which your wedding planner will coordinate!

Aside from your photographer, your wedding planner is up close & personal with you and your wedding vision. Here’s how to choose the right one:

  1. Know what kind of planner you need

The most efficient way to decide what kind of planner you need is to check out their services and packages. Maybe you’re skilled in the art of organization like Marie Kondo and just want a helping hand on the day-of. Or, maybe you cringe at the thought of coordinating napkins & charger plates. There’s a wedding planner & a package that’s just right for you!

2.  Reviews & Past Work

See what others are saying! Testimonials and kudos will help to build confidence in your selection. On that note, check our the planner’s portfolio of past work. Who knows, you might find inspiration from one of their previous clients!

Joshua Kane Photography

3.  Personality

As we mentioned before- much like your photographer, your wedding planner will be an intricate part of your big day. If personalities clash, it could sour the vendor-client relationship. Break out those Enneagram tests if you need to, or simply get to know one another over coffee. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you feel comfortable and that the planner is genuine in their intent to make your vision a reality.

4. Understand the “fine print”

Services can vary between wedding planners. Be sure to carefully read what the planner’s services are. The planner’s packages should specify what falls under their umbrella, how many hours they’ll work, and more. Knowing these specifics will help you understand the investment you’re making in your wedding planner and ultimately- your bottom line!

Photo of Rachael and our DDE Bride, Aislinn, taken by KT Crabb Photography

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Real Wedding: Natalia & John

A red, Volkswagen beetle as the “getaway” car and heartfelt vows professed under a clear blue sky. These are just a few of the colors that painted Natalia and John’s wedding day.

There’s nothing quite like a wedding on the water. The mixture of blues coloring the day with tranquility. Which is just fine for those wedding day jitters!

Natalia looked like a silver screen siren with her glamorous & and elegantly detailed gown, along with her old hollywood curls partially tied back with a beautiful hair comb. Where there’s a siren, there’s a handsome beau. John looked dapper in his blue suit and purple bow tie. We love the combination of their look- keeping things both casual and sophisticated. It was a true testament to their personalities!

Natalia and John celebrated with love & laughter underneath an alfresco tent frame that allowed the well-wishes of their family & friends to fill the night air. Hedge walls and reclaimed wood backdrops completed the look for the Myer’s reception. The stars put on a show as Guests were treated to an intimate candlelit dinner.

Just like their “getaway” car, we get the feeling that Natalia and John’s love will stand the test of time.

Congratulations again to you, Natalia and John. We hope the coming years bring adventures as vibrant as your red beetle and we hope the skies are clear- if not, at least the Volkswagen is a convertible. Wishing you an abundance of peace & happiness, dde!


HMUA: Kristy Miranda
Officiant: Pastor Wendy
Photographer: Kathy Thomas Photography
Rentals: Kirby Rentals
Saxophone Musician: Class Act Band
Transportation: Cool Limo
Ceremony Venue: Lake Hiawatha Preserve
Reception Location: Private Residence
Catering: 5 Senses Catering
Cake: Publix
DJ: Reinaldo Crispo
Floral: Peplum Floral
Guitar Musician: Eric Lesko
Generator (Reception) : Sunbelt

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5 Wedding Ideas That’ll Make You “Holla” For The Holidays!

If you ask us, it’s the best time of the year! Cheer is in the air and everyone is either already in the holiday spirit or gearing up. Plus, this time of year is magical for weddings. Between the chilly weather and the warm, sunset glow that makes for picture-goals, we get so giddy for couples who are tying the knot during the Fall and Winter seasons. If you’re thinking of getting married during the holidays (and we totally think you should consider it), or are already planning to tie the knot, here are five ideas for wedding decor that’ll have you screaming HOLLA for the Holidays!

Cozy Blankets

There’s something about knitted textiles that brings forth a sense of coziness and evokes holiday-feelings. Believe it or not, Florida can get chilly too! Providing guests with warm blankets is not only practical, but also celebrates the season. We suggest using knitted, sweater-like blankets and plaid throws for added seasonal style!

Candy Canes

Can you get any more holiday than candy canes?! Get festive with candy canes by displaying them on a donut wall- yes it’s possible- or pairing them with a hot chocolate bar. Guests could stir the candy canes into their hot coco for instant holiday vibes!

Don’t Worry Your Mistletoes!

Inspire holiday smooches with mistletoe cutouts for photo booth props, or better yet- the real thing!

Our Love Is Evergreen

Swap that eucalyptus for evergreen / pine garlands! It’ll have your ceremony / reception smelling amazing and it’ll transform your event space into something from a Hallmark movie.

Earmuffs and Mittens

While there’s no practical need for these in Florida (i.e. we’re snow-challenged), these winter-esque accessories would make for cute pictures!


Photo: Casie Marie Photography
Cake: Bake me a Wish 
Calligraphy: Two Peas Designs 
Design: Dandy Details Events
Venue: Reverie Winter Park 

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Thanksgiving Tablescape Tips To Be Thankful For



Prepare your festive feast, with a feast for the eyes! You might be thinking, “why is such a heavy emphasis placed on the look & feel of my table?” If you ask us, we believe that design has the power to bring forth certain emotions. As we all know, Thanksgiving is a holiday built around gatherings. Our loved ones gather ’round to share memories, stories, triumphs, and maybe a few pitfalls. A warm & welcoming table offers an inviting space to enjoy the company around you and the meal you’re sharing with them. To celebrate this season of gatherings, we’re bringing you five Thanksgiving tablescape tips that’ll illustrate how you can spruce up your Thanksgiving look- to fit your style and needs!



Bread- Need we say more?

Who doesn’t love bread?! Offering a bread slice of your choice is the perfect segue to dinner. Not only does it act as an appetizer, but it could also double as a rustic place setting- by partially covering the slice with parchment paper (or vellum) and securing the two elements together with twine and a place card. Use small, decorative plates to hold butter slices and/or olive oil. 




Paper Goods

To elaborate on our previous tip: place cards add an extra touch of personalization. Your guests will feel truly special when they arrive and see a place setting curated just for them!





The theme for this season of gatherings always comes back to this idea of ‘abundance.’ This idea goes on to evoke a sense of “hearth,” and “sharing.” We love the idea of incorporating appetizers, spices, and other food items into the table décor. It gives guests a preview of what’s to expect (spices, being one example) with dinner, and also gives them something to snack on- in case dinner runs late. Plus, it’s pleasing to the eye!  Mix in flowers, for more of an earthy feel.





This tip is for practical reasons. Have you ever tried to herd 50 cats? Yeah, no. Trying to get a group of people to do the same thing, at the same time, is a task for the brave. We suggest having all the plates needed for dinner, already on the table or close-by. This way, your guests won’t have to constantly get up- and your dinner won’t miss a beat! Bonus points if you elect to use vintage china plates for added style. 




Warm and Cozy Textiles

Whether you use a full-coverage table linen or a table runner- textiles will add cozy vibes to your table and add to the look. You can never go wrong with plaid and it fits perfectly with the autumnal season! Keep the look going by incorporating soft, neutral toned napkins.







Design- Dandy Details Events

Venue- Art and History Museums-Maitland

Photos- Jamie Reinhart Photography

Vintage plates / Glassware- Dishie Rentals

Rentals- Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Paper goods- Paper Goat Post



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Real Wedding: Michelle and Anthony



Halloween is right around the corner – and let’s just say… we’re excited! With Halloween comes diet-breaking candy (Reeses, holla!) and *hopefully* a cold front. Are you thinking about having a Halloween wedding, and need some Halloween-wedding inspiration? Take a page from Michelle and Anthony’s book, on how to have a sophisticated ‘all hallows’ themed wedding!




Deep reds set the tone! They scream Fall and tie in the rich plumage of the season.




Black tie and black bridesmaid’s dresses – need we say more?!



Additional tips:


> Keep the ambience sophisticated and elegant, with a slight touch of spookiness. Let the Halloween vibes be a suggestion, not a focal point.

> Mission Inn is perfect for those Dia de los Muertos vibes

> Wild, unkempt floral gives the idea of an abandoned tablescape- while staying sophisticated!


Check out more photos from Michelle and Anthony’s wedding, below!




Michelle and Anthony performed a duet for their “first dance!”







Mission Inn

Flowers by Lesley

Casie Marie Photography

Kristys Aristry Design

Our DJ Rocks


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Four Unexpected Wedding Costs


destination wedding in oregon for bohemian bride



Budget; It’s one of the most important components when planning your wedding- but it can start to feel overwhelming when adding together the dollar signs. When configuring your wedding budget, start with the most important elements, the non-negotiables, and then consider these four unexpected wedding costs:


Wedding Insurance

Wedding / Event Insurance helps cover the costs of mishaps, damages, and injuries that could occur during your event- whether by a guest or vendor. Nowadays most venues, for example, will require some level of insurance. So, while it’s an expense that flies under the radar most of the time-it affords you the peace of mind should unforeseen circumstances arise.


Taxes, Service Fees, & Tips

Taxes and service fees can sneak up on you as you start to book your wedding services. Sales tax varies by county and in the greater Orlando area, you can expect sales taxes to be between 6% and 7%. Service fees are the cost of executing a specific service, and are not the same as a Tip (general guideline for tipping is 20%-30%). Different vendors have different fees for…you guessed it… different services, so be sure to read your contracts carefully!

*Bonus tip: Don’t forget to purchase your marriage license!



destination wedding in oregon for bohemian bride



“We’re going into Overtime!”

When you’re having the time of your life, you know what they say: “Time flies!” Consider allocating some funds in case you want to extend your event time- that means extra event hours with your venue, and talking with your vendors to make sure it’s possible with their schedule as well! Also, despite your best efforts to have everyone out and everything cleaned on time, sometimes you need a little more time. Communicate with your venue and vendor team ahead of time, to discuss over time fees so that there are no surprises!


Beauty Items

No doubt you’ll want to look and feel your best on your big day! Leave room in your budget to pamper yourself with a massage, facial, etc. When it comes to your beauty items, consider splurging on your favorite perfume so that the scent always brings you back to your special day. These are just a few recommendations!


luxury and classic image of dior perfume by orlando wedding photographer




Vendors: KT Crabb Photography, The Hendricks Photography

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Real Wedding: Tala and Michael


When you’re a yogi couple what’s a wedding without acro-yoga?! Tala and Michael said I-Do on a beautiful, Florida summer day at the Cypress Grove Estate House and wowed their guests with a spectacular reception performance!


Let’s back things up to the ceremony…


Cypress Grove Estate House is known for its southern charm- which can be dated back to the 1920’s! This colonial home is packed with picturesque views and sits lakefront- perfect for wedding nuptials.

Tala and Michael stood before friends and family, using the gazebo as their altar. Tala looked stunning in a Hayley Paige gown, while Michael looked dapper in his black-tie tux. We also loved the pops of red that Tala included in her hand-tied style bouquet!


Time for portraits!


Tala’s #squad donned rose-gold dresses that were soft + romantic. Michael’s groomsmen work black-tie attire, now that’s a good lookin’ bridal party!

After portraits + cocktail hour, it was time for the main event. Tala and Michael treated their guests to an amazing acro-yoga performance. They were flying high and their guests loved every minute! After a dress change, Tala joined Michael at their sweetheart table for toasts. The toasts always get us in the feels!


Once the waterworks were over, it was time to boogie!


Tala even got behind the DJ booth! Guests danced the night away, and even got to indulge their sweet tooth with a dessert bar. At the end of the night, this couple’s loved ones sent them off into marital bliss with an epic sparkler send off.

Basically, this was one of the coolest weddings we had the pleasure of being a part of and we wish nothing but love and happiness for Tala and Michael!





Additional Vendors:

JP Pratt Photography

Cypress Grove Estate House

Pixies and Petals

Laura Reynolds Artistry

KEJ Productions

Hayley Paige

Florida Candy Buffets



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Things To Know For Your Downtown Orlando Wedding



Things heat up in the heart of the “City Beautiful!” We’re talking about Downtown Orlando, of course. We love that you can get the concrete-jungle vibes, while only being a short drive away from Florida’s natural splendor. Here are a few things to note when you decide to be a [downtown girl] and say “I-do” in the city!





We have a theory that the buildings came first and the roads came second. One-way streets and parking garages can be headache-inducing, so consider hiring a driving service to escort you and your guests, to-and-fro. One major benefit of this, is a higher chance of on-time arrivals! Plus, it’s an easy way for guests to find your venue- rather than navigating through downtown and possibly getting lost.




There are so many cool spots to get hitched at! Some are in high-rises, and some are in old, but renovated, buildings. A thing to note about each location is: logistics. Whether it be an elevator, or street entrance, these factors could affect your: decor, guests’ arrivals, and more. Some event furniture rentals may not fit in the elevator that takes you up to your venue, and some street entrances can be on a busy road- causing a bit of a traffic jam. Talk with your wedding planner (wink, wink) and your venue representative to hash out a plan!





Road Closures


From experience, we’ve seen how road closures and soccer games (Vamos Orlando!) can make for an interesting, but fun, wedding day. Keep a watchful eye on downtown Orlando’s event calendar, as well as, Orlando City Soccer’s game schedule- to plan accordingly.



Map it out!


Consider working with a local calligrapher, and having them draw out a map of downtown Orlando to include with your invitations. This way your guests can plan accordingly- ahead of time!






Vendors: Gian Carlo Photography, Orange County Regional History Center, Flowers by Lesley, St. James Cathedral



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Four Wedding Traditions: Investigated

orlando wedding planner, orlando wedding coordination, orlando wedding design, florida wedding planner, florida wedding coordinator, florida wedding design


Today’s blog post is a little bit of a history lesson, and a little bit on the fun side! Weddings can be deeply rooted in tradition, whether they’re ye old or modern & personal. We decided to collect a list of common wedding traditions and get to the root of their beginnings!



orlando wedding planner, orlando wedding coordination, orlando wedding design, florida wedding planner, florida wedding coordinator, florida wedding design


Bridesmaids and their matching dresses

Ever wonder why tradition says that Bridesmaids should wear matching dresses? No, it’s not to avoid upstaging the bride- it’s actually to confuse evil spirits! The theory was: spirits wouldn’t know which woman was getting married. Back in the day, the bridesmaids would wear a similar dress to the bride, in order to out maneuver any ill wishes.

The duties of a bridesmaid have significantly changed as well! The bridal party originated as bodyguards. The group of women, now bridesmaids, would protect the bride on her journey to the groom by getting in the way of those wishing to do harm and/or steal the bride’s dowry. Raise your hand if you’re thankful that you only have to carry a bouquet these days!



orlando wedding planner, orlando wedding coordination, orlando wedding design, florida wedding planner, florida wedding coordinator, florida wedding design 


“Something old, new, borrowed, and blue”

This Victorian-era tradition stems from a collection of items brought together to bring good fortune to the bride. Each item would connect the bride to her: past, new family, a happily married couple, and loyalty/friendship. Fun fact, the entire rhyme goes as follows: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe!” Notably left off the rhyme is the sixpence bit, which relates to the bride tucking a coin in her shoe for some added luck!






orlando wedding planner, orlando wedding coordination, orlando wedding design, florida wedding planner, florida wedding coordinator, florida wedding design


“Here comes the Bride, all dressed in white!”

    Did you know that, before the 1800’s, brides wore colorful wedding dresses such as, red? White wedding dresses were certainly around, but became the norm when Queen Victoria said I-do to Prince Albert. Ahead of her time, Victoria wore a white, lace dress that opted for a sense of royalty, as opposed to purity. The world, which was obsessed with all things Victoria, turned to her fashion sense and the “white wedding dress” tradition was born!




orlando wedding planner, orlando wedding coordination, orlando wedding design, florida wedding planner, florida wedding coordinator, florida wedding design


Wedding Cake

    Today’s “wedding cake” is a sweeter version of a ye old tradition where the groom would take a bite of bread and sprinkle the crumbs over the bride’s head for luck and prosperity. Later, when bread evolved into cake, guests would take a slice and place it under their pillows in hopes that lady luck would smile upon them as well.





Photo credits: Ais Portraits, Revelo Studios, Victoria Angela Photography

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Four Little Touches That Could Have A Big Impact At Your Wedding!

casa feliz wedding, cake table, wedding planning, orlando, florida


There can be so many details when it comes to wedding decor. While some are obvious, there might be some you haven’t heard of, or even considered! We’ve assembled a list of four little touches, that can have a big impact at your wedding and wow your guests!


Cake Display-

Get ready for your close up… and maybe some cake to the face. A staple to most wedding days is the cake cutting, make it memorable and instagram-worthy by asking your florist/ cake designer to adorn your cake with floral. Other options are: a gorg cake stand, a cake table, or even a backdrop!



wedding on the water, wedding planner, orlando, florida, central florida, welcome sign, calligraphy, signage, wedding, reception 


Welcome signs and Itineraries-

Beware of hitch-hiking guests! Some venues are large and have multiple spaces, which could lead to some confusion. Give your attendees peace of mind, by providing directions to your shindig. In addition, itineraries let guests know the timeline of the events to come- keeping everything easy and breezy.



wedding on the water, wedding planner, orlando, florida, central florida, welcome sign, calligraphy, signage, wedding, reception


Paper Goods-

We’re talking menus, place cards/escort cards, and more. Allowing guests to know the menu ahead of time, and giving them the tools to find their seats, creates a good ebb and flow during the transition from cocktail hour to the reception.








oregon wedding, cake table, wedding planning, destination wedding, elopement, photography


Late night munchies-

After partying the night away, you and your guests will have certainly worked up an appetite. Send your guests off with a late-night bite before they hit the road…and snag a couple for yourself! We love the idea of serving miniature versions of fan-favorite snacks for an easy grab-n-go.









Photo credits: Jamie Reinhart Photography, Steven Miller Pix, KT Crabb Photography