Things To Know For Your Downtown Orlando Wedding



Things heat up in the heart of the “City Beautiful!” We’re talking about Downtown Orlando, of course. We love that you can get the concrete-jungle vibes, while only being a short drive away from Florida’s natural splendor. Here are a few things to note when you decide to be a [downtown girl] and say “I-do” in the city!





We have a theory that the buildings came first and the roads came second. One-way streets and parking garages can be headache-inducing, so consider hiring a driving service to escort you and your guests, to-and-fro. One major benefit of this, is a higher chance of on-time arrivals! Plus, it’s an easy way for guests to find your venue- rather than navigating through downtown and possibly getting lost.




There are so many cool spots to get hitched at! Some are in high-rises, and some are in old, but renovated, buildings. A thing to note about each location is: logistics. Whether it be an elevator, or street entrance, these factors could affect your: decor, guests’ arrivals, and more. Some event furniture rentals may not fit in the elevator that takes you up to your venue, and some street entrances can be on a busy road- causing a bit of a traffic jam. Talk with your wedding planner (wink, wink) and your venue representative to hash out a plan!





Road Closures


From experience, we’ve seen how road closures and soccer games (Vamos Orlando!) can make for an interesting, but fun, wedding day. Keep a watchful eye on downtown Orlando’s event calendar, as well as, Orlando City Soccer’s game schedule- to plan accordingly.



Map it out!


Consider working with a local calligrapher, and having them draw out a map of downtown Orlando to include with your invitations. This way your guests can plan accordingly- ahead of time!






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